Play EAW (European Air War) using a Linux "Live" USB. Flying! using SparkyLinux

Specifically SparkyLinux 2019.08-x86_64 Gameover edition .iso burned to a Live USB thumb drive.

new Update note 11/2019! There is a newer 2019.11 GameOver edition. Check Download Sparky rolling edition for latest under; Special Editions; GameOver edition.

Note this is NOT! a persistent USB. I do not provide details here to make one. That is a complicated subject. The method here is simply to use a Live Bootable USB and to load the EAW files from another disk.

This method also only uses the files of the EAW 1.28e Fullversion download I offer. Which is an EAW version that does not require the EAW CD, nor other files. It is a "standalone version" containing all needed files for running, flying EAW 1.28e Fullversion.

Follow the instructions here exactly for a hopefully pain-free experiment.

  1. Download the EAW 1.28e Fullversion to a disk other than the USB that will be used for the Live version Operating System. This can be a disk on the PC already - (see NTFS and Windows warnings!) or a removable disk USB or DVD, etc.
  2. Download the SparkyLinux x86_64 Gameover edition (or suitable ex. 32 bit other version for older PCs)
  3. Burn the SparkyLinux .iso to a Live USB Disk. Personally I use Linux Mint tool USB Stick Formatter to format the USB to fat32 and then the tool USB Image Writer to make the bootable USB Disk easily with default configuration. For other see SparkyLinux wiki Create Live USB disk
  4. Set Your PC boot configuration to Boot from USB. Or in Windows 10 from what I remember you go to the advanced page select boot other device, find the USB from the menu and boot. The SparkyLinux Gameover is a hybrid iso that should boot on any x86_64 system whether UEFI, MBR or not. See the Sparky Wiki or Sparky Forum for any other information.
  5. Boot the SparkyLinux x86_64 Gameover edition Live USB. You should see a menu just use default.
    sparky boot menu
    After successful you should see the Desktop
    sparky desktop
  6. From the Start menu (lower left just like old Windows) open the File Manager browser.
    sparky start menu
  7. Browse to disk and the location of your EAW files from step 1. These you need to copy.
    sparky select eaw files
    You will see the File Manager (explorer) menu. Note the drives and folders.
    sparky file manager menu
    The live folder is the target folder you want to copy your EAW 1.28e Fullversion files to. Don't use another folder. Don't use the original EAW1.28eFullversion folder you need to just copy your EAW files and dump them all into the 'live' folder with no other containing folder.
    sparky copy eaw files
  8. Now go to start menu again and open a terminal (command prompt)
    sparky menu select terminal
  9. In the terminal enter this exactly
    wine "/home/live/eaw.exe"
    sparky terminal wine eaw path
    or the exact path to the eaw.exe you just dumped into the live folder. (Maybe it differs on Windows machine?)
  10. Note that the only way the game will work by this method is if you put the files into the /live folder. If you put them anywhere else you will inevitable see nothing happen or eaw make an error message KeyList.str not found and ctd, same. See EAW error Can't find keylist.str or remapabl.str. If you check the live folder you will see that eaw has made an eaw.ini file in that folder and a hof.dat file and no other eaw files. They are 2 files the game writes at launch. That is a sure sign you have put your files in a wrong folder or maybe have another containing folder. Or if you are not using my eaw1.28eFullversion download as it contains the needed files keylist.str and remapabl.str needed to be added to EAW (see my webpage How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux
    And or if you get the error You need an EAW CD likewise.
  11. Otherwise, with no error you will hopefully happily see the EAW Game mainscreen
    followed by various screens as you select and go to fly EAW 1.28e ▶
    Cheers and Tally-Ho!

Disclaimer and warnings: AYOR!

NTFS and Windows warning - Be careful not to Write the EAW (or other) files to your HDD Hard disk when in the Live session - or Windows will complain and probably launch the c In most cases this will simply launch the Checkdisk - ex. Win XP - since the checksums will not match. For later Windows versions it may be worse. Its AYOR. I do not anymore do Windows support. However if you follow my instructions and copy them only to the /live folder Sparky will make for the session there should be no problem.

spark EAW 1.28e mainscreen

spark eaw test2
spark eaw test3
spark eaw test4
spark eaw test5
spark eaw test6
spark eaw test7

To exit EAW just push ESC (Escape) key. Then exit.

  • to exit the terminal just ignore these messages if you see them, type
    spark terminal exit
  • To shutdown SparkyLinux just select from the start menu log off
    spark log out

    and shutdown
    spark shutdown
    Note that after you shutdown its GameOver. The copied EAW files in live will vanish because this is a Live session. To make a persistent USB is beyond the scope of this webpage for now. Or you can also install SparkyLinux Gameover if you have ready your machine and like it.