European Air War ~ also known as "EAW"

Is a WWII Combat Flight Simulator released by MicroProse Games in the late 1990s.
The EAW Community has produced patches and Addons for EAW ever since.

EAW was made for Windows but works using WINE or Crossover on Linux or MacOS


How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux

Flight School *

EAW Pilots Guide *

EAW from a Live USB

Programmers Notes for EAW Coders

Planes_n_Skins_of_OAWunified - Retro Gallery of 179 "Skins" in the OAWunified package for EAW 1.2. Credits EAW contributors and the real WWII plane history



The EAW Community - Good Faith in Development

The EAW Community contributions in development over the years resulted in the renewal of the Infogrames ~ Atari Interactive Good Faith Agreement

EAW screen

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