European Air War is a WWII combat flight simulator released by MicroProse Games in the late 1990s.
The EAW Community has produced patches and Addons for EAW ever since.
EAW was made for Windows but works in Wine on Linux.

EAW How To's

Howto EAW from a Live USB

added howto Adding_the_128eSU_packages_to_EAW1.28eFullversion.txt

How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux 2016-11-15

Old - How to set up EAW - European Air War game on Linux using WINE 2016-9 Deprecated

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EAW Addons - EAW Download

The Dual

The EAW Community - Good Faith in Development

The EAW Community contributions and developments over the years resulted in good relations with the Infogrames ~ Atari Interactive brand who issued a permissive Good Faith Agreement.

A copy of the extended and final Infogrames - Atari Interactive, inc. Renewal of Good Faith agreement .pdf can be found online here Atari - Simhq & European Air War.pdf

EAW Flight Tools

Announcing the * EAW Flight School
* note the Flight School content is not my work but MicroProse - appeared on the Infogrames 1.2 release CD

A short list some EAW 1.28e Key Features can be found in the 128ekeyfeatures.txt document.
For more resources on EAW 1.28e or other versions see European Air War Help Site (EAWHS)


My EAWfiledownload Folder at Mediafire

Download EAW 128.e Full Version
Complete EAW 128.e Full Version installation as a .zip download there 465.14 MB
-md5sum b6b4142a85c10b2091201c7c9effd499
-sha1sum 8cd5d8ecb52c30b7a6eff4552abad9e7fdaa27cc
-sha256sum 5221dcce25221a5fac1278422525790204266c8abadaab0617de06dbba890191
--end hash sums--------------

This complete version contains ALL the needed EAW files.
It is complete with ETO, Sounds and Planes setup. All you need is download,unzip the folder and then run the eaw.exe once. That will create the eaw.ini file and set up your configuration such as joystick, graphics, etc. An example eaw.ini named example-joy-eaw.ini in the folder.

Text notes about the About the eaw128efv-2017-3-1-notes.txt

Code Install Overview Note

new Image is guide for what needed to setup for compiling eaw.exe. Of course to do so you would need the eaw code in a folder - ex. 1.28e or 1.3_04, etc. - as well as the EAW Combined SDK 2005. The only compiler known to work is included in Microsoft Visual C 6.0.

The Dual