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    OAW Expansion Pack 4 Steam
    How to use OAW (by CJ)
    Modreds Aces over Europe
    Mosi's EAW Skin Tutorial


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Linux How To's

  • Got Mint? How I got Linux Mint 18 Mate edition Installed, saving my Laptop by making it a Dual-Boot
  • Linux Adventures I spill my Linux guts literally in this 2-part saga of Misadventures - 10-15-2016
  • Linux Adventure3 Third install of the Adventure series almost a misfire - 10-29-2016

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Search Engines

Brave Search - a new search engine that doesn't use google, bing, yahoo etc.

Random Searx Redirector - a neocities site for privacy search


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Linux Mint Links

I prefer Linux Mint Mate
Get it at Linux Mint Downloads

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Stay Informed - Fight Disinformation -

World Politics

Goodreads.com ~ Mikhail Gorbachev My Appeal for Peace and Freedom

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