Recently I decided to try some Linux "Live" isos on usb on my old non-pae cpu Dell laptop. This is the same laptop used in the Linux Adventure3. Except I removed the hard drive. My intention was to give this to a friend who would probably use it mainly for playng Youtube videos. I got the following results.

I ended up not giving the laptop away but found antiX to be the best candidate for this matter.

* works - fast, lightweight, has firefox 52 ESR - works for youtube also has SMtube which is a light version youtube browser and works really well and fast playing Youtube videos. Codex and all worked. Nice.

not work needs PAE capable cpu

* works - fast, lightweight, but only has midori browser (thus no youtube)

works but not browser - no wireless - demo for kids

not tried since won't fit on 4GB usb

not work since not boot from usb boot- cd only image I guess?

not work - a mini version of wattOS needs pae

not work due to boot issues, menu boots but no graphics after menu selection may be radeon driver issue? or non-pae?

old version derived from puppy linux * works but only firefox 24 - unsupported by youtube now

not work - needs pae

not work - needs pae

Note that this test was only for using a 4GB size usb thumb drive. And of course as said an old non-pae cpu and radeon 9000m built-in laptop video. Thus it is not that these Distros may not work from a CD or DVD or for other PC's. And in the case of KNOPPIX a larger usb must be needed.

Other than antiX I also really liked Bodhi Legacy. It was a very clean interface and being based on Linux Mint/ Ubuntu / Debian I would highly recommend it for install (not tested) or satisfied with running it live with only the Midori browser.


See DistroWatch For more information and links to these Distro versions.