Freely usable Products

  • Note these 2 patches are not needed if using the eaw1.28efullversion-3-1-2017 as they are already included.
  • (test) files partial fix for EAW EAW 1.2 to 1.28e garbled single mission target and briefing maps bug. Just unzip and drop in your EAW folder. Note that the game in-flight map will be affected.
    .zip md5sum fb0d22bcc2a981fda59195b02ed95633
  • files to fix EAW error.
    .zip md5sum 23ab362d0a88af4bd76bb1655cd8da5e


  • None presently available


  • See the EAW page or Links page for EAW - European Air War Addons, Information and Downloads