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This old webdiary (diary-start.html) now contains all of the content of my Home page posted before I restored the site on 2021-feb-25 as well as the remaining old webdiary content.
Confusing I know.

2020-6-3 | 54,470 views
*previous content starts here

2020-5-22 | 53,783 views
Added offsite link to - *note link site closed 2021

2020-4-27 | 52,067 views
Added more to Programmers Notes for EAW

2020-4-12 - 14 | 50,603 views
added Programmers Notes to EAW page

2020-3-12 | 48,444 views
added code install overview note image to EAW page

2019-9-11 update Howto EAW from a Live USB

How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux

2019-8-21 | 39,390 views

added howto Adding_the_128eSU_packages_to_EAW1.28eFullversion.txt

2019-7-24 | 38,163 views

Just a visit today after about year to update the site stats; views since last year: 12129. Approximate views per month 1010 or an average of 33 per day or so. A similar amount of monthly view average as during the previous year. Either this is random or about 30 people follow this site even now. Probably SimHQ European Air War forum players spread about the world.
I noticed 197 downloads of the (465.14 MB). Thats an increase from the initial 56 downloads in the first year.
Later this year I plan to add some files to my EAWfiledownload folder unannounced. So keep coming back!
Cheers! 2019-7-24

2018-7-28 | 26,034 views
Just a final note I have uploaded some more EAW files including 4 stand-alone versions and some OAW stuff to my EAWfiledownload folder.
Today I removed all EAW files from my personal PC after I backed up to storage. I won't need them anymore since my days of EAW are over. Got to move on to other things. Its been great fun and I wish you all well. I will as I said maintain this site as it is for as long as possible. Cheers!

2018-6-21 | 24,644 views
Well I have to announce I've come full round on my involvement with EAW especially since Atari has plans for a Linux gaming box.
see Atari Launches Linux Gaming Box Starting at $199

Whether or not that box gets produced is yet to be seen, However, I think the sure to come retro game fans and Linux enthusiasts and the emergence of Linux as the platform of the future practically assures the ability for EAW to be playable in the future. And of course the work of the EAW community.
As of now I have no further plans to post on the Linux side of the site either. Thus I am just going to keep the site in its existing state for now.

Thankfully between MarkEAW's European Air War Help Site (EAWHS) site and the other side of the house at the SimHQ European Air War forum and the UAW160 and EAWPro subforums there, you should be able to fill in any gaps of how to use EAW and find other players.

2018-5-1 | 22,773 views
I've stopped adding EAW material for now. Might add a Q. and A. type page for some additional facts about EAW use, differences of major versons and modding at some point.

2018-3-18 added to my shared Mediafire folder at EAWfiledownload
The .zip contains a copy of the 1998 Microprose files, same as are online here in the Flight School.
Just unzip and find in the FlightSchool folder the index.html to launch in your browser. Also included is a docs4eaw folder containing the 1.2 European Air War.pdf, ReadMe.rtf, and EAW_FAQ.rtf

2018-3-16 updated Distro News - Manjaro - a Distro based on Arch

Again I must stop updating EAW content. Also I may stop updating home page for each update I make elsewhere.Cheers!

2018-3-15 -- Added EAW Pilots Guide Online xhtml version of the 1997 Microprose document (-graphics) to the ~/retroarchive
See Flight School, Online references - Related Links page

2018-3-10 -- finally got over 20,000 views! Updated Distro News

2018-2-26 - - 19,412 views
Posted notice on the EAW page I will not be updating EAW any longer. Its been on and off over 15 years that I have casually involved in EAW ModiFlying, As I call it. Making Add-ons, posting on my various Websites and forums and even occasionally programming both tools and eaw.exe. Well all good things in time must come to an end here , and so we must part, my EAW friend and friends. You see European Air War like any real good classic game becomes like a friend to the person who relishes its' particular nature and nuances.

For me EAW fulfilled many a purpose. I basically learned much of my computing knowledge alongside supporting this game under Windows OS under old hardware and ModiFlying it. Also I even dwelved into hexediting, programming, learning about VM's and Linux and so many other avenues.

There is a lot to be said about a hobby or interest and especially games that force one to learn new skills. And a lot more to be said about the lessons one learns along the way. Along our way in this case was the development of the internet and technology in general. There is also much to be thankful for friends or really comrades one gathers alongside in such pursuits.

Other than that one might wish sometimes for monetization in some cases for one's hobby. In the case of EAW that was of course much lacking. Frankly I did half of my EAW work when I was at my poorest. Including recently! Although I did once land a rather nice job in a game company partly due to my reference to my EAW work and skills learned.

EAW itself never had a chance of going very far in modern programming situation. Since the first gists of EAW development started in archaic technology times, just after Dos in circa win3.1 ~ Win95 days. It barely made it up to DirectX 6 programming levels by its release. Many years and 2 programming teams after it began. It was released as 1.0 then 1.1 patch and finally 1.2 - then only some several years and companies after it would have been seen as cutting edge.

Even had it been earlier, it was never cutting edge. On the somewhat fringe edge of the cyber universe we of the EAW Code Group looked into the source code of the game and its mysterious insides. Comprised of some @ 254 relevant code pages the code is vast and has thousands upon thousands of lines of code and functions. Once we could understand some of it we could start to see how often it was in places somewhat awkwardly patched together by TK, and a few others in the final programming team.Later of course the Code Group and thanks to some of the old programmers and a few new ones patches were made and then game developed under the non-commercial agreement with Atari - Infogrames.

At any rate, EAW did make an impact and basically helped kick off the entire short days of the WWII flight sim craze mini-revival era which basically ended with IL2 and such later titles.. All for now! - Roy

- - - - - -

2018-2-24 - 19,257 views
^ look up ^ Replacing Products and Wine links in the site tabs menu slowly with Flight School link. Only appears on updated pages. Also updated Distro News

2018-2-19 - - 18,684 views
Linux page now features Distro News - short posts about interesting Linux distributions

2018-2-16 - - 18,505 views
Minor updates during week. Formatting and Linux Mint Links section updated.
Site Stats - 18,505 total views. pre 2017-2-21 only 7,496 views. 2017-2-21 to 2018-2-16 = 11009 views (18505−7496).
So this site had approximately 11000 views during the past year.

2018-2-10 - - 18,234 views
Added link to my EAWfiledownload Folder at Mediafire to EAW page and Links page. Also added section for links to major EAW download sites. Same as below. Plus update to this Home page formatting.

2018-2-8 - - 18,103 views
Just a note, my shared Mediafire folder url is EAWfiledownload
- Be sure to visit for downloads and bookmark it!

Previous News

2018-1-8 - - 16,895 views
Happy New Year!
I have to announce the major news that the EAWonLinux site will not be updating anymore EAW content. In other words I am semi-retiring the site. This is because I am fully retiring now since 2018 from EAW.
The site will remain as present although I may make some Linux posts in the future.
I wish all the EAW enthusiasts that I have participated with in collaboration and friendship over the years The Very Best and while I am not participating anymore I still visit the SimHQ forums and post a bit there.
And just a reminder and Thanks to MarkEAW who has a made great resource for EAW with the European Air War Help Site (EAWHS) - so be sure to visit it for all your EAW needs.

2017-12-20 - - 16,422 views
Just a quick post. I am away for Holidays. Installed Linux Mint 18.3 Mate completely replacing the former Dual-boot on my Flagship Laptop. Finally the MS beast is gone. I am Windows-free! Running pure Linux. Best OS I ever used.

2017-12-02 - - 15,945 views
Several Feeds are now available for the site.
Visiting my Home page the XML feed should be detected by auto-discovery in most RSS readers.
Feeds I create via the free site are here (edited no longer valid 2021-11) automatically makes an .rss for Home that shows the date, no details here eawonlinux.rss

2017-11-30 - - 15,842 views
Revamped this main page

2017-11-23 - 15,549 views
EOL rEFInd boot manager I finally took the plunge and installed rEFInd today on my laptop. Happy Thanskgiving!

2017-11-21 | 15,423 views
Just checking in. Added link to a small note 128ekeyfeatures.txt to the EAW page. Also will be putting off moving the webdiary.

2017-11-18 | 15,197 views
View rate has increased since adding the EAW Flight School
I will be moving this page content to the home page this week and discontinuing the webdiary page. Thanks to the suggestion of MarkEAW over at the European Air War Help Site

2017-11-15 | 14,853 views
Added Flight School to retroarchive.

2017-11-02 | 14,458 views
No new content just fixed some page markup after checking my webpage syntax for errors in html (actually its xhtml) code. Using the free online W3C Markup Validation Service. Very handy!
You may at times notice some pages on my site show a different file save date from the initial posting date. This is due to later markup and or spelling corrections.
btw.. I noticed Knegel posted recently at the SimHQ EAW Forum.

2017-10-22 | 14,136 views
Made available this download.
md5sum 7d6b4f2fe07009048a562d56365cff55
A collection of EAW documents for modifying EAW, creating new scenario worlds, and a few old tools.
While you could gather these documents together from Sandbagger's EAW TallyHo and the EAW helpsite this download offers most of the definative documents of the classic EAW era to 1.28 series.
It includes all of Dom's Gunst's and Prune notes as well as the rare .xls spreadsheet version of P.O.Prunes notes. Also includes Moggy old web pages and various other notes as well as a few tools. With exception of EAW1.28C-b-a-Editing and couple old tools, my notes and tools are not included.

2017-10-17 | site views to date: 14,007
Why these planes will always be flying, IMHO: SimHQ EAW Forum thread - Status Report Please

2017-10-15 | site views to date: 13,937
Recently I decided to try some Linux "Live" isos on usb on my old non-pae cpu Dell laptop. I made a page of the results. See EOL Live iso test

2017-10-7 | site views to date: 13,738

While sorting some files I dug up the Lake mission .zip today so making it available at
The Lake mission was developed by me during OAWunified building effort. It was included in the OAW Unified Final v1.01 Release
This download version is for EAW without OAW. Circa 2005. See our Neocities neighbor, the European Air War Help Site

However note that MrJelly has a version of the Lake Mission converted for EAW 1.60 ir something. See the SimHQ European Air War forum

2017-10-6 | site views to date: 13,669
Atari Lives!!!
Recently read this at
"Atari has recently announces that they are coming back into the console market, and are releasing a console dubbed the “AtariBox” and the kicker is; it runs Linux!"
and via venturebeat:
"..In an exclusive interview last week with GamesBeat, Ataribox creator and general manager Feargal Mac (short for Mac Conuladh) said Atari will begin a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo this fall and launch the Ataribox in the spring of 2018.
The Ataribox will launch with a large back catalog of the publisher’s classic games..."
"..In an interview with GamesBeat in June, Atari CEO Fred Chesnais confirmed the company was working on a new console as part of both a retro revival and a new era for Atari.."
This is all very interesting. And I'm glad for Atari. But does it mean anything for EAW? Well, that remains to be seen. Although I have proven that you can run EAW on Linux using Wine software there are reasons why they may not wish to support it.

2017-10-1 | site views to date: 13,601
Retro pic. An EAW main screen I made for "Revenge Over Rabaul" scenario which I never produced. The original idea was behind the developement of Pacific Isles which became my later "BeachHell" scenario. It was more of a test bed really but my main scenario besides the "Lake Mission". A fullversion .png is here: ror image 640 x 480
Made from a aerial photo of the island as well as the WWII photos from both the US Navy squadron flying and inset picture is actually a real picture taken by Japanese on the island airstrip in WWII. You can see the volcano in the background.
The BeachHell scenario is still available from: RAF_Roy Add-Ons page at Sandbagger's EAW Tally-Ho.


2017-9-30 | site views to date: 13,600 views
Added a page: EOL Quick Mint Monitoring

few.png Cheers Mates.. ;)

2017-9-20 | site views to date: 13,373
* I am planning to make some Linux posts and possibly other material here in October. I may add an extra section to the menus.

2017-9-6 | site views to date: 12,925
Just checking in for anyone wondering about my personal status. All is OK. Taking a personal Hiatus after a life change. I have been touring the country-side. Stayed at a Monastery.. etc. My work on EAW has stopped. But still interested in Linux so chances are I will add to this site sometime in the future. Roy (FsFOOT) out for now.! Take Care friends and my best wishes!

Get this P-38 Mainscreen here P-38
I made these from customizing real WWII American aircraft spotter's cards. They are now unique! P-40 here P-40

Get this Lancaster Mainscreen Here Lancaster
Zips include a MAIN2.PIC and a .pcx version. Size is 800 x 600 for EAW 1.2 ~ 1.28C. For EAW 1.28D, 1.28E or later you need to rescale these to 1024 x 768

2017-4-22 | site views to date: 10,319
Still busy offline just a note to say I'm still around. Site views to date: 10,319.
I can report that estimated the downloads for EAW 1.28e Fullversion maybe 50 to 100 downloads only so far. People are not exactly flocking to EAW.. lol!.
Other news. Sandbaggers EAW Tally-Ho is still online as well as the SimHQ European Air War forum and over at the European Air War Help Site (EAWHS) MarkEAW is always adding new information.
Besides EAW 1.28e or later versions you also can head over to vonOben's Flight Sim Mods site. VonOben has has made some great complete Campaign downloads like Spanish Air War and Finnish Air War. You don't even need any other version to play.
I've been thinking of making an rss web feed xhtml+xml instead of this web diary soon. Or even a twitter feed? ah.. Not! No! no twitter feed. I don't even use feeds usually, but I know other people do so I may try it.

2017-4-9 - 9,862 views
Just a quick post. No news really as I am too busy at work and home to do much more EAW work presently. I find even spending time to get online, make updates, login places, etc. takes over an hour or two to do anything. Also I get tired of browsers and having to raise or lower web shields.. lol.
Thus the example pic of my vessel armaments. Other than I run Firefox in Firejail sandbox to begin with. Firefox 51 (I'm currrently not updating to 52 sticking with ESR patches) with the best add-ons I know of. UMatrix may seem redundant but I turn off the blocking list use since it uses the same engine as Ublock origin. And use it for individual site filtering. Which I rarely need touch but it is useful as Ublock origin you cannot filter individual parts of a site. See Enhancing uBlock Origin with uMatrix

It is notible according to what I have read, that if you use the other tools corrrectly you can achieve all the filtering of what Noscript does. As well as Request Policy (continued). However I won't give up Noscript. It is one of the best tool I've ever come across in 20 years of computer work. I'll never give it as long as it works. Request Policy, RP continued are really nice to have also. All for now, chaps.

2017-3-21 - 9,384 views - Just an update.
Sandbaggers EAW Tally-Ho - Storage of most EAW Addons formerly at - 2017-3-21 is back open!
The new site is: Sandbaggers EAW Tally-Ho.

Also, unfortunately per the below code note; Its only a turrent, part of plans for n entire invasion coastal defense I think . But it otherwise was not implemented as DDAY. Interesting that is one scenario that has never been done in EAW so far.

My research during Beachhell Isles development (not in the final product I released) showed that actually train tracks can be used for invasions barges. I ladi many short lines and put landing barges on them. Creating landng lanes 'baker' 'charly' for Omaha beach etc. They would continually cycle. In fact most of my later Beachhell experiments were actually geared foe what i hoped would lay the foundations for Normandy DDAY, etc. eventually. But I stopped at that point many years ago.

2017-3-10 - 9,110 views - visit 2 today - An interesting hidden feature in EAW I overlooked until today.. Thus the graphic.
create_normandy_invasion_site.png create_normandy_invasion_site
That is all for today.

9,042 views. Updated the EAW key layout sheet -keyboard reference image on my How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux page. Thanks to MarkEAW for the new image. Note that also the EAW 1.28e Full Version download link will not be there forever and may be limited soon. So get it while you can. All for now.

2017-3-7 | update | site views to date: 8,830

I really am amazed at and congratulate MarkEAW whose work on the European Air War Help Site (EAWHS) is outstanding! My hat is off to you.
Helping to preserve this game and its legacy. This legacy stretches all the way to actual WWII pilots who have commented on EAW Community contributions to this game. And commended such works.

This is very important now more than ever as Sandbagger's EAW site is closed and not many people support this game anymore. That should change in time as Linux users get more EAW exposure. Thus hopefully some enthusiasts will knidle and some will in the future carry the day in the future.

The word for the day seems to be "Keep Calm and Carry On"..

"Hope will help you find your way through the dark and stormy nights... Through foggy and confusing days." - Thomas Kinkade.

Next.. This is an except from Knegel (EAW developer, Ace, Flight Master, and friend) readme about using CTRL+G in game display (he wrote the code for it). The display option is included in 1.28e. See my How To 1.28e .. Page.

An information screen appears upper right with Frames-Per-Second displayed, along with other aircraft info. The framerate, mass in kG/lbs, and indicated airspeed in mph/kmph are self explanatory.
The mass values were really useful to us when we had a fuel burn rate 10x larger than it should have been for the Typhoon and P47C in the 1.28b release (as we could not see the last "0" in the planes.dat editor LOL), and we could see the mass dropping very quickly.
btw, look to the weight while you push the gun trigger.
The EAW1.28c flightmodel also take the ammunition weight into account.
So a FW190A without ammo is around 250kg less heavy and it will perform like that.
The P47 is around 450kg less heavy without ammo, while the 109G6(clean) just carry around 90kg ammo and the Spit1a just around 75kg.
So depending to the current fuel and ammo load the performance relation between different planes might vary much.

The best ALT values are related to the two possible supercharger stages; Each figure gives you the best performance altitude for one of the supercharger stages. Try to stay near one of those altitudes for best performance:

best Alt 1: current best Height (rated height, highest power) of the 1st supercharger stage in feet
best Alt 2: current best Height (rated hight, highest power) of the 2nd supercharger stage in feet
best Alt diff: altitude difference to the current supercharger switch height in feet
(when this value is = 0, you be in the current supercharger switch height, often the worst power)

Like in reality this heights are in big degrees related to the current plane speed(ram air effect).
As such you will take notice that the height vary with the speed.
In older FM´s, also still in SPAW, no 2nd supercharger stage got implemented for now, so the 1st supercharger height is = 0 and also the switch height is close to zero.

So in EAW1.28c the rated altitude change with the plane speed, what is another very realistic aspect of aircombat with piston engines.
Important to know is that the engines wont overheat if the plane is a little above the current rated altitude. This is so cause above rated altitude the engines cant get loaded with the full pressure anymore, as such the engine run more cool.
So if a plane have two supercharger stages, there is a altitude band, above the 1st rated alt and below the supercharger switch height, where the engine wont overheat and then again above the 2nd rated alt.
the values are mainly meant to make it more easy for addon makers (FM/DM´s), but for a experienced pilot they are also very informative (speed IAS and TAS at same time is nice as well).
The "best alt diff" is the distance to the current supercharger switch altitude. In EAW1.28c/d the supercharger altitudes are not static anymore!
We not only got one more supercharger stage, all the values float, depending to the current plane speed.
Most WWII planes did use the so called RAM air effect, where the plane speed got used to get a higher loading presure for the engine. Since the loading pressure is one main factor to define the rated altitude of a plane, the rated altitude is related to the speed. As result the rated altitude did vary particular extreme much better climb speed and Vmax(5000feet is not seldom).
All this is now modeled in the default EAW1.28c plane set. I still don't found the time to update other FM sets

2017-3-4 | update | site views to date: 8,603

Making EOL Retro Archive for roys old EAW stuff. Only page available is..(update 2017-3-22 see new link above) No download links yet, they are coming.

2017-3-3 | update | site views to date: 8,505

Made EAW1.28eFullVersion link available recently.At SimHQ Mike announced that his Sandbaggers EAW Tally-Ho The Storage of thousands - indeed most - EAW Addons thousands is now offline / closed. Thankfully our neocities sister-site (lol) European Air War Help Site (EAWHS) fills in the gaps for information and some of the files.

2017-2-24 | double update again | site views to date: 7,961

Did more work on site. Updated headers. Now has favicons. Excellent free online favicon generator here: Also, new tutorial; How To Boot a Linux iso from a hard disk It is actually comprised of a single image:eol-qt1-image1.png But an off-site text mirror post is There. Not noted; the same method can be used for USB. Thus one can conquer the known computing world now with a super PC that can launch almost any Linux. See, readers of my Webdiary get the inside scoop! More cool tips? Check out Rancher OS and Turnkey Linux .. ps. had an issue took me 20 times to upload this correct page. All because of a missing slash when i edited the header. lol.

2017-2-21 | update 2 today! | site views to date: 7,496

Wow, I just discovered that Neocities sites can easily use ipfs. IPFS is a different type of web - distributed web. It doesn't use http or s or similar www. protocols. It uses a program like app, sort of like bitorrent but it is used for archiving the site so it can in theory at least always be available. You can view these sites from your PC with the client. It does not require a browser but there are plug-ins browsers for ipfs. Read Neocities and the Permanent Web Neocities Blog - HTTP is obsolete. It's time for the Distributed Web
IPFS and IPFS | Getting Started.
EAWonLinux will seed ipfs soon. I'm on Linux of course so this should be easy to implement. Especially since every Neocities site like mine has already a ipfs hash tag. (To see yours log-in to your Neocities site then, view Profile, then view-page source in your browser. Its hidden, just look for "/permanent-web" in the source you should see your hash tag just before that.

2017-2-21 | update | site views to date: 7,496

Spring is coming and slowly I get "back in the eaw saddle"..
I Changed the look of this web diary to a cool dark background. Made minor edits on some pages.
Removed links to 2 windows programs I had on the Products page Since I don't want my site to be mistakenly flagged as suspicious (see the note on the Products page.

2017-1-22 | update | site views to date: 6,677

Winter here. Since before Christmas slowed down on the EAWonLinux campaign.

Currently studying a lot of Linux knowledge and various technologies.

I will be back posting as spring comes. Meanwhile here's some interesting hacking convention links:

Schedule 33 Chaos Communication Congress Events



2016-11-16 | site views to date: 5,713

Site views are climbing and I have hardly started my campaign!

2016-11-14 | site views to date: 5,451

Finally got dedicated EAW page up. Fixed EAW navigation link in all pages.

Also New How To get and use EAW 1.28e version in Wine on Linux


Episode: Microsoft Comes Back from the Grave

I just got 2 Linux Mint Level 3 updates yesterday called shim-signed and accountsservice. Binary code Signed by Microsoft. I took the update without researching it first. I should have known. But I was busy. Well it turns out this is an UEFI system boot shim. It is used to allow Linux Mint or Ubuntu really to have a signed by Microsoft shim that is needed for UEFI booting from the Windows Boot manager.

Which means now my laptop goes into the Windows Boot manager at boot up instead Grub2 boot loader. To boot Linux Mint now I have to select in Windows Boot manager the Other devices option which contains options for booting UEFI USB, Disks etc. and now Ubuntu icons in there. Selecting an Ubuntu icon takes me into a reboot and finally Grub boot menu shows up with options to boot into Linux Mint. As well as any other OS on the menu.

Not to blame Linux it is actually a good thing as far as UEFI, Secure Boot and GPT are useful technologies. The blame is Microsoft who bought UEFI Secure Boot technology from a Redhat Linux development and is trying to use it to keep Open Source based OS like Linux out of the market.

Microsauce is trying to accelerate their philosophy because Linux has finally matured enough to produce OS and Desktops that are actually superior as well as useable for end users. And in most cases free. MS obviously hates that since it can and probably will eventually lead to MS going out of business. I would say within about 20 years or less. At least that is IMHO.

You see it is planned that new manufacturers of some PCs and laptops will have contracts with Microsoft that their UEFI and bios only allow MS OS to be used in the future. Coupled with Intel going to MS also this will be a real problem soon.

If you are considering a new PC or Laptop check the manufacturer and only support ones that freely support Open Source based OS. And you will have to if you ever wish to use Linux. Which you may need. See my Got Mint? How I got Linux Mint 18 Mate edition Installed, saving my Laptop by making it a Dual-Boot.

Then you may understand why this is something that concerns Every OS user. And to top it off, many Live bootable rescue disks, etc. use Linux.


Issues slowing my EAW tests and other work

The reason I have not yet made more tests for EAW and Linux and posted new how to is due to many small issues and a few big ones. The big ones are things like I don't want to break my nice Linux Mint 18 Mate install on my flagship laptop. Its my main Laptop which is not really a testing machine. Since I am still learning Linux, Debian based and Mint in particular I have to be careful not to break my system.

I have some older low power machines to test from and they can run EAW but they lack enough power to give a real benchmark as my Latop with X64 dual core with 6 GB Ram does. Also since Mint only has in its repositories Wine 1.61 which is old but can run EAW. I have been looking for the best way to install a later version Wine in like Wine 1.85 or Wine development version 1.9.2~ etc. without breaking anything. I have almost got that solved. I can simply add an Ubuntu Wine ppa but there version is 1.8 I think and not the preferred 1.85.

The other big issue was to fix EAW versions prior to 1.29 for the garbled single mission target selection and briefing screens bug. I have now a workaround for that with the download. See my Products page for details and download.

Other things are simple but annoying stuff like Linux is case-sensitive in filenames. Now it shouldn't matter in Wine itself for EAW at least AFAIK since EAW.exe code does not care about case sense. But it does interfere in some things this: If one is going to set up a working EAW 1.28e test, one needs to mix 2 folders of files. That is EAW 1.2 files and EAW 1.28e files. Starting with EAW 1.2 files folder in Windows would normally just dump in EAW 1.28e files into the EAW 1.2 folder and thus overwrite replaced files. The case sense of the names would not matter. But in Linux you end up with 2 copies of files if they differ in any case, including the extension.

I had to look around for an easy answer to avoid this. The answer is just use in Linux terminal the Linux rename command with some replacement options. The command to use is below.

rename 'y/A-Z/a-z/' *

Just do that to both EAW 1.2 and 1.28e folders and any subfolders, files. Then they will all be lowercase. Now you can dump them in and overwrite properly. On Linux to see manual pages for many commands just type in the terminal: man rename

There are several other small issues I am sorting. Some have to do with what versions to offer and where links to. I should have it sorted this week.



You may have noticed the EAW and Wine links on the main menu simply take you to the Links page. That is by design of construction. I really do not have enough content for their own dedicated pages yet.


Website base href tag coding - html FYI -

I decided to change the website html base href within my webpages today to use https. This is so the using internal links will point web browser to use https secure protocol for privacy and security reasons.

The base href is a mechanism I use to make sure both my internal website links and the pages point to my website domain only. The base href tag use is an old a security trick. It prevents anyone from loading my pages into their website by using an iframe or frame.

It can be inconvenient though as a locally stored or downloaded html copy of my webpages the images and links will point to the internet pages and not the local copy. To use a local copy I simply strip the base href tag from the head html in the local copy's html code. To view my base href tag simply open the webpage source in your editor. Its in the head section of the html.

If you have any problems or wish to not use the https I provide a copy of the Home index here home2.html. That will have the normal http base href tag so you can use links in the usual non-secure way. For any other pages links you will simply have to strip off the s from the https url. Hopefully this does not create inconveniences.

You may notice your browser complains that parts of my pages are "not secure". If so that is because the webpage internal html for loading the image on some pages may not be using https. Also the security certificate is a Commodo issued one for all Its not a private one for my site or server.

You can check the authenticity and security of the site by using Steve Gibson's GRC "https fingerprint" test. The fingerprint will render on the GRC site via this link

Then you compare in your browser, ex. Firefox, use "view page info", security, certificate and compare the sha1 hash to the GRC page hash. If they match then your https is not intercepted by ex. your corporate, governments or isp. If they don't match then read the GRC https fingerprints page

Furthermore, to use https to Get to my site, Save new bookmark to https version. Then no one can snoop your browsing to the site. Adios!


There was a huge dns attack today partly involving the Mirai botnet. This botnet comes from 'the internet of things' as they say. In other words, your fancy fridge and toasters etc. Yes for real.. People today are spoiled. Who the heck needs an internet connected fridge? I sure don't. If I did I have my own botnet. I could use it to hack the neighbhor's toaster I guess? No I have better things to do!

Personally, I never will understand why the internet was made available for non-scientific or scholarly purposes. Smart people do the stupidist things sometimes. I know I do.

My downstream bandwidth is still limited until monday. It took me 5 hours to do download Gparted Live iso at 15 Kbs. Just like the old days. Real old ones.And maybe real new ones if these internet things get out of hand. Ever see the movie "Gremlins?"..

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