2021-6-8 | 73,640 total views

18 days since last login the viewerage is 73640 − 71834 = 1806 / 18 = @ 100.33 views per day. Changed css for this page, adding some inline so style3.css request should not be needed anymore. This should give a tiny performance boost to page load in browsers.

2021-5-20 71,834 total views

Making site web color and format changes to the main pages. Edited some old rants. Traffic has definately overall increased. 71834 (today 5-20) − 70977 (as of 2021-5-15) = 857. They could be robots anyway..

2021-5-15 70,977 total views

Well site page views are 1789 since last post. Apparently the huge spike noted previous was temporal. Still overall the views have doubled on the average from previous years. However, I estimate from my downloads and stats from my EAW websites over the last 15+ years there are only about 50 or so real part-time enthusiasts of this game, about 20 of those forming the core. Most likely former contributors and testers. Additionally a total of @ 100 - 150 people worldwide occasionally return to download and play it over the years. Probably for the nostalgia of it. As for new people they are few and far between. It is my opinion that most people who have any interest in EAW are middle-age or older long-termers from the PC Flight Sim era of the late 80's - late 90's who had an interest in WWII from childhood and probably had a relative that was in the war.

2021-4-25 69,188 total views

The site page views has major increased. On 4-21 total was 67,265 views. 4-25 69,188 that is a 1923 increase in a week. 3585 since the post of Planes Skins of OAWunified. Glad you like them as much as I do.. even if you are robots!

2021-3-23 | 65,603 views

Finished final project for EAW Planes_n_Skins_of_OAWunified
Views on the site are way up. But seriously I'm gone. Too many hours and not enough appreciation. Still I'll always love this old game!

2021-3-22 | 64,760 views - worked on final project for EAW - Planes Skins of OAWunified

2021-3-17 | 64,157 views

Well depending on your viewpoint it is celebrated St. Patricks day. Or some may remember the death of Marcus Aurelius Antoninus, Roman Emperor, General, Statesman and Philosopher AD 180. He was much famous. But how many this day even know his name? Yes indeed all fame is fleeting. But worse, so is knowledge and education. A vast majority of people in our modern age think themselves so capable and well-informed. However the fact is hardly a present day leader would be on the level of education and depth of understanding as such a man as Marcus Aurelius was. Of course I am not saying he was a saint, certainly he was not. Yet he is most remembered from his writings (journal) 'To Himself' aka 'Meditations'. Everyone should read these writings and reflect on the fact that the modern world, after some 18 centuries has not really advanced.

2021-March-1 | 63,003 views

churchillt.png I am appalled...
Tonight I watched the BBC News and learned that millions in Yemen will soon die unless the UN countries make more aid donations. They need about 3 billion more dollars for food and supplies this year. See Yemen conflict: UK cuts aid citing financial pressure from Covid

Why am I posted this you wonder?
While I have only posted mainly EAW related material here, I cannot simply ignore that as many as 500,000 Yemeni children will die of starvation in the next few weeks unless WE take action. Yes that's from a professor the BBC interviewed in the US. Its not fiction. And the total Yemeni deaths from could be as high as 16 million. And why? Due to the Saudi blockaid. So while we in the U.S. prepare to spend 1.9 trillion (yes that's trillion with a "T") we sure could spare a few billion to save like 16 million people (and probably half that are children!).

2021-feb-25 | 62,395 views EAW 1.28 version is now available at GOG.com
I have not tried it yet. See my recent post at the SimHQ EAW forum thread for a look at the 4 standalone versions I offer and the possibility for upgrades to the gog version.
The Gog version for Windows contains some useful wrappers for the game and other features, see details of v1.28 GOG at EAWHS

2021-feb-25 | 62,198 views
Site restored!! Hi all, I decided to restore my site. I'll probably add some new content soon. After 1 year the Covid I hope all are safe and well.
Thanks to neocities hosting Neow! which is excellent and free and can even restore your site. All for now! Cheers!

Get this P-38 Mainscreen here P-38
I made these from customizing real WWII American aircraft spotter's cards. They are now unique! P-40 here P-40

Get this Lancaster Mainscreen Here Lancaster
Zips include a MAIN2.PIC and a .pcx version. Size is 800 x 600 for EAW 1.2 ~ 1.28C. For EAW 1.28D, 1.28E or later you need to rescale these to 1024 x 768
P-51 here P-51
bf-110 here bf-110